Yard Sign Etiquette


Do you know the do’s and don’ts?

Yard signs are a great way to increase your name recognition and further your campaign’s reach. However, if you do not take the time to learn the do’s and don’ts of yard sign purchase and placement – they may just end up costing you!

Rules and regulations for campaign signs can vary between counties and townships, so it is very important to check the local ordinances in every area you intend to place signs. Here are some tips to help you follow proper yard sign etiquette:

  1. Learn the limits.
    Many areas have limits on how long campaign signs can be out on display. If this is the case in your target area(s), ordinances will likely advise that signs can be displayed for X number of days before the election and must be removed within X number of hours or days following the election. There may also be limits on the dimensions or overall size of campaign signs. While some areas allow exceptions to sign limits through the purchase of a permit, others are firm on the ground rules (and punishment for breaking them). For best results, research limits before you order your campaign signs. Simply select your home state on this handy, interactive map to learn yours!
  2. Follow the rules.
    In addition to limits on campaign sign size and display duration, counties and townships typically have rules for proper placement. Don’t let your hard-earned campaign dollars go to waste by neglecting to research these too! At best, signs found in violation of local rules will be removed, and you will be notified and allowed to claim them – possibly paying a one-time fine. In other cases, signs may not be removed, but campaigns may be fined for each calendar day they are found in violation. Worst, and perhaps most costly of all, rule-violating campaign signs may be destroyed.
  3. Ask first.
    Always secure permission from landowners before placing signs on their private property. Failing to do so may not only leave a bad impression before the election – it may result in costly fines or sign destruction.

So before you place your campaign yard sign order, research your target area’s ordinances to ensure you are purchasing signs that fall within their limits. From there, follow the rules for proper placement, and always ask permission from private landowners before displaying your signs. If you follow these simple tips, your signs are sure to work as intended, and keep your campaign in a positive light!

B O N U S :

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