Slate Cards

Slate card flat and folded styles. Vote Democrat November 3, 2020. Endorsed Candidates ballot style.

What are Slate Cards?

You may not have heard of “slate cards” before as they are not common in all states, though they are very popular in California and Michigan. A slate card — also known as a slate mailer or voter guide — is a 6″ x 11″ card or 8 1/2″ x 11″ folded or flat mailer that lists candidates running for office in your jurisdiction.

These mailed cards allow you to share your message with targeted voters. Slate cards are typically partisan — Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. However, they can also focus on an issue like public safety, the environment, or taxes. The design of the cards can vary, some including photos and even quotes from each candidate.

No matter the theme, a slate card’s purpose is to attract the attention of like-minded voters. Once you have their attention, they can learn everything you want them to know about the candidates you support who are running for office on your party’s ticket.

So if you are looking for a cost effective way to spread information on the candidates your party supports, contact Campaign Catalyst and get started with your slate cards today! • 989.799.0784 • Get a Quote