Navigating Your Account


Account Creation / Login

To create an account or to login to your previously created account, click “Login/Register” in the upper right corner of the website.

If you do not have an account, enter your email address and click the “Register” button.

NOTE: The email address you use for your account will be the email address we use to communicate with you about your orders.

If you already have created your account, enter your username or email address and password and click the “Log In” button.

After creating your account and logging in you should see your username in the upper right hand corner.

Click your username from any page to access your account dashboard.

Account Dashboard

In your account dashboard you have tabs to access your orders, shipping and billing addresses, account details (name, email address, password), saved designs, and to logout.

Click the “Addresses” tab to enter your default billing and shipping information.

The “Account Details” tab is where you enter or update your name, screen name, and email address. You can also change your password. Remember to save any changes.

The “My Designs” tab will show you your personal design store. Each product design you have saved will show a preview image, the date saved, and give you available actions.

Saving & Accessing Designs


Within the online designer click on “Edit” then select “Save For Later.”

In the pop-up window click the “+” to save a new design. If you have already saved this design and are saving changes, choose the design you want to save over.


To open a saved design within the online designer, click on “File” and then “Open My Design.”

The “My Designs” pop-up will display all the designs you have saved for this product. Click on the design you wish to edit.


From your account dashboard click “My Designs” to access any product designs you have saved in the online designer.

NOTE: Designs are saved with the product they were created on. You cannot change the product type! See “Using Designs Across Products” below.

The “My Designs” tab will show you your personal design store. Each product design you have saved will show a preview image, the date saved, and give you available actions.

Click “Edit” to continue working with a design.

The online designer will open with your product and design as it was when you saved it.

NOTE: The online designer saves the product details with your design. If you need to modify the product options, click “Use This Design” and not “Edit.” Want to use the design on a different produt? See “Using Designs Across Products” below.

If you want to change any of the product options you can click the “Use This Design” action.

This will bring up a product options screen before continuing to the designer. There are the same options available as the original product page. Make your selections from the dropdown menus.

Once you have made your selections a “Clear” button appears that you can use to reset the options. After the product options have all been chosen you will be able to edit your design!

NOTE: Both the “Edit” and “Use This Design” actions allow you to continue the design on the existing product only. If you would like to use the same design across different products you will need to export and import the design .json files. See “Using Designs Across Products” below.


If you have added a product to your cart and would like to use the same design:

1. Select the product and choose to create your design.

You can use any product!

2. Using online designer click “File” and choose “My Design In Cart.”

3. Click the design in the pop-up window.

4. The design is placed on the product.

All items are visible in the layers tab.

5. Resize, move, and delete elements as needed.

Red guides appear to show alignment.

When you are finished click “Process” to add the product to your cart.

If you wish to use your design on multiple products you can export the design as a .json file. You will need to have your design open in the online designer. (Previous order are available in your account dashboard under “Orders.”)

In online designer click on “File” and choose the “Export Design” option.

Name your design and choose where to save it. You will be downloading a .json file. This file holds all the information for your design independent of the product.

To use an exported design on any product, select the product and choose to create your design.

Then, using online designer, click “File” and choose “Import Design.”

Navigate to the location of your saved .json file and click “Choose For Upload.”

Edit your design as needed and click “Process” to add it to cart.