Going Viral Online Videos for Political Campaigns

Going Viral: Online Videos for Political Campaigns

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, handshakes and door-to-door campaigning aren’t just political tools—they’re a public health risk. So what are candidates running for office supposed to do? Most politicians, especially those in state and local elections, still need to interact with voters frequently if they want any chance at winning.

Unsurprisingly, most campaigns are pivoting to organizing and spreading their message online. These days, nearly everyone has a smartphone or internet connection, so going digital is a great way to keep in touch with voters, even during a pandemic.

But if you want to take your virtual campaign to the next level, you need to make the most of live-stream and video messaging technology like Zoom, Instagram live, Tiktok, and more.

How To Use Online Videos for Political Campaigns

When it comes to using online video messaging for political campaigns, there are two primary ways: live-streaming, which only allows for one user (the candidate, usually) to share video, and video conferencing apps like Zoom that allow all users to share video and sound.

-> Go Live

Live-streaming services like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, and Discord allow candidates to share real-time videos from their computer or smartphone. Other users can watch you live and interact with you through messaging, or they can view the video at a later time. It’s the perfect way to connect with voters without having to break out the hand sanitizer.

Before you go live, try to plan out what you’ll be doing or talking about. Here are some ideas for live-streams:

  • Take a page out of Aleandira Ocasio-Cortez’s book and build IKEA furniture or cook dinner while talking about policy
  • Hold virtual town halls, fundraisers, or rallies
  • Remind and inform voters about upcoming elections, new voting procedures, or mail-in voting options
  • Let voters get to know you–talk about something you’re interested in or passionate about that isn’t related to politics. Humanize yourself.

-> Online Video Conferencing

When the pandemic first started, one company went from a niche video meeting service to a household name–Zoom. Zoom, and other similar apps like BlueJeans and GoToMeeting, allow users to video chat one-on-one or in a large group.

Even presidential candidate Joe Biden is doing individual Zoom calls with voters in what his team calls a “virtual ropeline.” His team recorded the video meetings and plan to publish the video at some point–an excellent example of how to repurpose content for political campaigns.

Other politicians and groups have been using Zoom for live virtual fundraisers. The Democratic National Committee hosted its first virtual fundraiser on the platform in March. The event had about 75 guests and supporters could donate with a link from the app’s chat function.

-> Don’t Forget About The Tried and True

Campaigning online with video messaging apps is a great way to connect with voters during a global pandemic. But what if you don’t have a dedicated following already on those online platforms?

There’s no better way to get voters to look you up online than with a direct mailer. Remind voters about your message and invite them to join you in your online campaign. Call or email us today to learn how we can help you win!

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