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Door to Door in 2020: Should You Do it?

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Some people in politics would argue that campaigning door-to-door in 2020 is the key to winning the election. And they are correct that it’s a very important part of any political campaign. Any campaign strategist worth their salt will tell you that studies have shown in-depth in-person conversations to be wildly effective at persuading voters to turnout.

But during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises Americans to avoid in-person meetings and maintain a 6-foot social distance. Campaigning door-to-door in 2020 isn’t recommended.

Furthermore, for candidates running in state and local races, there seems to be conflicting advice coming from those on the national stage. The question is, should political campaigns plan to go door-to-door in the fall?

What are Biden and Trump Doing?

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, some campaigns and groups have started canvassing and conducting in-person rallies anyway. Trump Victory has organized events throughout the country, including in-home meetups, and begun door-to-door canvassing. However, they do not require canvassers to wear any face coverings.

One liberal grassroots known as the Progressive Turnout Project worked with health experts to create a procedure to keep canvassers and voters as safe as possible. For example, they maintain a 6 foot social distance, wear face masks, hand out hand sanitizer to voters, and are advised never to enter a voter’s home. However, Vice President Biden’s campaign team has not released any statement about if or when they might resume in-person activities and door-to-door.

What Should You Do?

The fact is, the US is facing a major health crisis that shows no signs of slowing before the fall. The CDC suggests limiting in-person meetings, maintaining a social distance of 6 feet, and wearing face cover when in public. Naturally, these restrictions make safely campaigning door-to-door nearly impossible. Those living in cities, densely populated areas, and areas with high rates of COVID-19 cases should not even consider going door-to-door.

As a political leader, you have to lead by example. So do the smart thing and choose not to go door-to-door this fall.

Door-to-Door Alternatives

Instead of knocking on doors, now is the time to invest in alternative campaigning methods. If you wait too long to invest in these strategies, your campaign might be left behind in the fall. Candidates up and down the ballot are doubling down on alternative campaigning methods, including email, virtual events, text messaging, and direct mail.

Looking for something that can rival going door-to-door in effectiveness? Opt for direct mail. Studies show that voters believe direct mail to be the single most credible form of political advertising. It even beat out in-home visits. So if you want to empower and excite voters for your race, there’s no better option in 2020 and beyond than direct mail.

Direct Mail for Your 2020 Campaign

Connect with voters, share your message, and win your election in 2020 with direct mail. We’re here for all of your political mail needs. Call or email us to see how we can help you win!

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