Navigating the 2020 Campaign Trail

Many Americans are quarantined to their homes this political season, making this an unprecedented time for politicians and voters alike. Our expert team has put together 5 Steps to help you navigate this new landscape, and run a successful 2020 campaign.

STEP 1: Rally Your Supporters

Many states have issued wide-spanning, stay-at-home  orders, but your constituents are still leaving the house to go to the grocery store, walk the dog, and fulfill other essential duties. This is the perfect opportunity to (safely) ask them to display your campaign yard sign in front of their homes and/or businesses.

Choose consistent branding for your yard sign, that focuses on your name – this will create instant recognition as the campaign season progresses. To communicate specific issues, we recommend creating a series of large yard signs that can be displayed in approved areas of your community.

STEP 2: Let Voters Know Why You Are The Best Candidate

Your entire voter base visits their mailbox to receive bills and other important correspondence daily. Use this as a platform to reach out to them, and tell them why they should vote for you. A concise, well-constructed, and timely-delivered mailer allows you to communicate – without the need to meet face-to-face during these uncertain times.

Create a series of mailers that highlight the key issues you will focus on during your campaign. Be sure to communicate with your voters on a personal level, and address issues that are relevant to them. You can take this a step further by targeting more specific demographics with messaging that is tailored to address their distinct needs.

STEP 3: Be Active In Your Community

There is no substitute for name recognition, so make sure you are finding ways to engage with your community during this time. In addition to mailers and yard signs, you can gain exposure using a variety of campaign collateral bearing your name and campaign graphics.

Ask your supporters to proudly display that you are their chosen candidate. Your name can appear on their desk with custom pens and branded notepads, while driving to the grocery store with bumper stickers and magnets, and while going about their daily activities with t-shirts. All of these items, and their unwavering support, will show the rest of the community that you are the popular choice.

STEP 4: Get Out The Vote

Once election day approaches, it’s important to activate the voters you have been communicating and cultivating relationships with. They may want to cast their vote for you, but simply aren’t familiar with what to do next – and it’s your job to make sure they get to the polls!

Send your voters a final mailer that calls them to get out and vote. This should provide all the information they need about the election date, and where they can find their closest polling location – and don’t miss out on the opportunity to remind them why you are the best candidate!

STEP 5: You Won The Campaign, Now It Is Time To Thank Your Supporters

Thanking those who helped you win the election is not only the polite thing to do, it is the smart thing to do!  Showing your constituents your gratitude will go a long way in building supportive relationships with them that will last throughout your entire political career. You will need this support to help raise money and spread the word for your re-election campaign, as well as your other, future political endeavors.

We suggest sending your supporters a token of your appreciation. A great example would be a unique label or pin identifying their support of your candidacy, along with a meaningful thank you card. We promise the effort won’t go unnoticed!

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