Going Viral Online Videos for Political Campaigns

Going Viral: Online Videos for Political Campaigns

During the Coronavirus pandemic, handshakes and door-to-door campaigning aren’t just political tools—they’re a public health risk. So what are candidates running for office supposed to do? Most politicians, especially those in state and local elections, still need to interact with voters frequently if they want any chance at winning. Unsurprisingly, most campaigns are pivoting to […]

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campaigning door-to-door

Door to Door in 2020: Should You Do it?

Some people in politics would argue that campaigning door-to-door in 2020 is the key to winning the election. And they are correct that it’s a very important part of any political campaign. Any campaign strategist worth their salt will tell you that studies have shown in-depth in-person conversations to be wildly effective at persuading voters […]

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