Why Absentee Votes Matter More in 2020

Absentee Voters: Your 2020 Campaign Advantage

The coronavirus outbreak has drastically changed the campaigning landscape for candidates like you this election season. With no opportunities to canvass neighborhoods, hold in-person fundraisers, or attend town hall meetings and parades, you’ve probably had to get creative with your political campaign strategy.

How can you make the most of your 2020 campaign efforts? Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing has been a trusted political campaigning staple for generations. Postcards and other political campaign mailers are a great way to get your name and message in front of voters throughout the course of the campaign season. But due to the public health and safety challenges you have been facing, political mail may be your only opportunity to reach one of your growing demographics – the absentee voter.

Since the 2020 absentee voter applications were sent out, absentee ballot requests have been pouring into every city and township clerk’s office across the nation. This means we can expect to see some of the highest absentee voting numbers in American history. Coupled with the prediction that year’s election turnout will be one of the highest we have ever seen, it not only makes sense to send postcards to voters – but to send them to those individuals who are most likely to vote – Absentee Voters.

Unlock the Power of Absentee Voters with Direct Mail

AV Ballots will soon be on their way to local residents, making this is the ideal time to put your postcard in their hands! Check out our direct mail postcard templates, and use our design tool to create your custom postcard design today.

Let Campaign Catalyst do the hard work for you – in addition to postcard printing, we also offer full-service mailing, to make your direct mail campaign a snap!

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